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Ella and Chris | Debbie McGregor Photogr

Capturing the love stories of warm and wild hearts


Your story deserves to be unforgettable, I want to give you the gift of reliving your memories over and over again. To bring your story to light to share with your elders and future generations to come. 

I want you to feel like you can be wild, raw and unapologetically you! Each love story is unique and thats makes love super fun to capture.

Lets do this! x

colourful storyteller & believer in happily ever afters

Hey adventurers, lovers and dreamers! 

Hey welcome, I’m Debbie at Debbie McGregor Photography! a creative and colourful wedding and elopement photographer travelling the UK and worldwide.


It’s really important to find someone whose work you just LOVE!! But also, to find someone who will bring out the best of you in your photos. If you’re looking for a relaxed and happy wedding or elopement photographer who loves to capture amazing celebrations and is easy to be around, then horahhhh! You may be in the place!


It would be a treat for me to capture your story. If it’s in the woods, a cave, on a mountain, a loch, a church, a barn, your garden, a tent or even a treehouse! if your vision will make you happy then I want to capture it in the most beautiful way possible! 

I believe in love and it makes me smile when I can capture the beauty of it though human connection. Everyone’s story is different! Let me tell yours your way! 

Tel: 07979180992


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its good to know your photographer so here are...10 random facts about me. 


I love my family, my partner Simon is my rock and I have a little cat called Theodore and wherever you are in the house, he is not far behind. As I'm writing this he is sitting on the chair, behind my back!


I love all and any kinds of chocolate! I have a super sweet tooth! My favourite is the Caramel Logs or Dime bars...Oh but then theres After Eights.....


I love to wear jumpers, even in the summer! I love the old 80s style! You will usually see me in a Jumper, Jeans and Dr Martens.


I  LOVE trees! i even have a tiny tree tattoo on my wrist. 


I love sitting around open fires with a warm cuppa and a marshmallow stick.


I have a dance and drama degree and I take images of dancers each week at the Move Dance studio based in Greater Manchester.


I was in a rock band when I was younger as a singer hehe!


Scotland has a special place in my heart as I was born in Aberdeen but The MAGICAL Isle of skye is my favourite place to visit in Scotland!   


i once performed at the Edinburgh festival as an actor in a comedy in a little tea shop.


I grew up obsessed with Fairy Tales and Adventure Stories. The Brothers Grimm stories were some of my favourites.